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Does Renal Cyst Affect Fertility

2014-04-04 07:29

Does Renal Cyst Affect Fertility

There is no denying that patients want to have a healthy baby. Being diagnosed with the renal cyst, many young women are worried about a question: does renal cyst affect fertility? To know the answer, please read on.

In this renal disease, the adult renal cyst is very common. Thus, a great deal of patients are worried that the next generation will carry on this disease and affect their children’s health.

Renal cyst is a genetic disease which develops many liquid sacs in your kidney. Frequent urine at night, back pain, high blood pressure are the common complications in this renal disease.

According to data, about 10% people with renal cyst with kidney stone, 30% people have polycystic liver. Does Renal cyst affect fertility?

In clinical, if you are pregnant with renal cyst, we advise you to eat more fruits and vegetables containing various vitamins. Besides, you can consider doing the following work:

B-ultrasonography before marriage. If both of the parents have kidney cyst, it will increase the incidence of the next generation.

Cyst gene detection at the 10 weeks of pregnancy. Due to this disease has 50% rate of heredity, examination of molecular genetics can help renal cyst families choose a healthy child, and the child will no longer carry this genetic disease to influence offspring.

Herbal medicine use. Some herbal medicine can help you shrink cyst and improve renal function effectively. Also, the Chinese herbal medicine has fewer side effects on your body.

Through the above explanation, you may have a general understanding about the relationship between renal cyst with fertility. Renal cyst should be treated timely if you want to achieve the goal of being a mom. If you want to learn more detailed treatment, feel free to consult on-line experts. They will give you a detailed answer.

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