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How to Check for Cysts in Kidney

2015-01-11 08:00

How to Check for Cysts in KidneyKidney cyst is a fluid-filled sac on kidney. In most cases, it is benign and cause no symptoms. However, when it becomes large, the result is on the opposite. To make a test to check the kidney cyst is helpful for preventing some symptoms.

Kidney cyst tests and diagnosis

● Imaging tests. Imaging tests, such as an ultrasound, computerized tomography (CT) scan and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), are often used to investigate simple kidney cysts. Imaging tests can help your doctor determine whether a kidney mass is a cyst or a tumor.

● Kidney function tests. Testing a sample of your blood may reveal whether a kidney cyst is impairing your kidney function.

How to treat kidney cyst?

Kidney cyst will grow with age. Some other factors such as diet and life habit, medicines use, high blood pressure and infection can all speed up the growth of kidney cyst. Therefore, the goal of treatment should be controlling symptoms as well as enhancing kidney function. You may have to do something from the following aspects:

● Change your diet: Spicy and greasy foods like chili, hot peppers, mustard, and alcohol can stimulate the kidney cyst to grow fast, so they should be avoided. If your test shows abnormal kidney function numbers, you have also limit sodium and protein intake. For specific suggestions, you can send your test report to, and our doctors can give your some advice.

● Take care of yourself: Over-tiredness and infection are also two common factors that can change the kidney internal environment can stimulate the kidney cyst to grow. Therefore, you should keep enough rest and prevent infections.

● Chinese herbal tea: Chinese herbs have been used for centuries. Dandelion root, nettle leaf, uva ursi and poria cocos, and so on, are good for kidney cyst patients. They contain diuretic or antibiotic properties that can help kidney working.

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