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What Is the Severity of Cysts on Both Kidneys

2013-06-29 10:58

What Is the Severity of Cysts on Both KidneysI have multiple renal cysts on my both kidneys, and I was looking up information on the severity of cysts on both kidneys. if I have back pain, blood urine and high blood pressure, should I consider the surgery? I need your help, doctor.

According to different characteristics, multiple renal cysts on both kidneys may belong to different types: simple kidney cysts and Polycystic Kidney Disease. Both of them have their own structures, so an accurate diagnosis is quite necessary.

Simple kidney cysts are usually filled with watery fluid, sometimes red blood cells. Commonly, simple kidney cysts won’t be life-threatening. When patients’ kidney cysts become large or symptomatic, doctors may recommend surgery such as aspiration and laparoscope. Through removing sac fluid out of body, surgery is able to reduce patients’ kidney cysts and ease their symptoms.

Polycystic Kidney Disease, compared with simple kidney cyst, is more difficult to deal with and may be life-threatening. PKD is an inherited kidney disorder that can’t be treatmentd completely at present. The sac in PKD cyst is urine that contains many waste products such as urea nitrogen and urea acid. If left untreated, it is reported that 50% of PKD patients will have kidney failure by age 60. With the enlargement of kidney cysts, they will replace their surrounding kidney tissues so as to cause kidney damage.

Surgery and nephrectomy is often used to manage large PKD cysts, but these cysts may recur again easily. With nephrectomy, part of kidney functioning tissues will be removed.

No matter which type of your kidney cyst is, surgery at present is not your only choice any more. Some remedies that can not only focus on all kidney cysts both small and large but also preserve patients’ kidney function are more effective. Try to find a natural remedy to improve your condition and reduce the severity of cysts on both kidneys.

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