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Renal Cortical Cysts: Cause and Treatment

2013-07-16 10:09

For eld people especially ones over age 50, simple renal cyst is very common and it can arise in renal cortex (cortical cysts) or within the sinus region (parapelvic cyst). Today, we mainly talk about renal cortical cyst cause and treatment.

What is renal cortical cyst cause?

The exact cause of renal cortical cyst is still not very clear, but we can know most of sufferers with kidney cyst are adult and it is rare in children. With age, the incidence of renal cortical cyst raises. According to the research, 50% of people above age 50 have one or more simple kidney cyst, while 90% of people above age 70 have this disorder. In addition, male patients are more than female patients. Therefore, we can know age and male are the main risks for renal cortical cyst.

What is renal cortical cyst treatment?

If your renal cortical cyst is smaller than 3cm and you don’t have any complications such as high blood pressure, proteinuria, hematuria and back pain, you don’t need any specific treatment expect a scientific diet, moderate exercise and regular examination. However, if your renal cyst is bigger than 3cm or you have already had some symptoms, you have to accept some treatments to control your condition.

Surgery is often used to remove the big renal cortical cyst to reduce the pressure on kidney tissues. We must affirm that surgery indeed can remit patients’ condition obviously and quickly, but surgery only focuses on big cysts and it can do nothing to the small ones. Removing the big cysts gives the small ones more places to grow. Therefore, patients are more likely to fall into a vicious circle between big cyst and surgery.

To avoid the disadvantage of surgery, Micro-Chinese Medicines is created. It aims to shrink all renal cortical cysts at same time with the help of external application herbal medicines and advanced western medical technologies. If you have one or more renal cortical cyst, you can first learn more about this treatment from us, through consulting online or leaving your message.

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