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Are Multiple Kidney Cysts 28 mm in Diameter A Worry

2014-02-24 17:59

Are Multiple Kidney Cysts 28 mm in Diameter A WorryMultiple kidney cysts mean a number of fluid-filled cysts develop in kidneys. Compared with isolated kidney cyst, multiple kidney cysts may cause kidney damage easier. 28 mm multiple kidney cysts have been enough big to cause some problems. Therefore, patients need to pay close attention to these cysts.

Why multiple kidney cysts appear in kidneys?

Generally speaking, many conditions can increase the incidence of kidney cysts such as dialysis treatment, age, chemotherapy, internal environment disorders, etc. All of these situations can lead to the onset of multiple kidney cysts. These multiple kidney cysts are filled with clear fluid and sometimes creatinine, urea and blood. If they become too big or rupture, multiple kidney cysts will cause a series of problems for patients.

How to treat multiple kidney cyst in 28 mm?

Different treatments are taken to treat multiple kidney cysts in western and Chinese medicine. Doctors of western medicines would like to use surgery for removing large kidney cyst directly. However, for small kidney cysts, surgery can do nothing. What’s worse, surgery may cause damage to kidney functioning tissues and give more place for small kidney cysts to grow. For this reason, multiple kidney cysts may recur easily.

Doctors of TCM prefer to use traditional Chinese medicines for dealing with kidney cysts. Some Chinese medicines are able to prompt sac fluid discharged by blood circulation. Therefore, all kidney cysts shrink gradually. What’s more, traditional Chinese medicines are able to protect kidney functioning tissues from damaging and provide more blood and oxygen for kidney inherent cells. However, compared with western medicines, Chinese medicines need relatively longer time to work, so patients need more patience.

No matter which treatment you want to take, you had better tell the doctor more about your illness condition. Then, they can help you determine which one is better for you.

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