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4.4 cm Cyst in Kidney Went to 5.0 cm: Is It Bad

2014-02-27 09:04

4.4 cm Cyst in Kidney Went to 5.0 cm: Is It BadKidney cyst is characterized by sac filled with clear fluid and sometimes blood. If you find you have one kidney cyst that grows from 4.4 cm to 5.0 cm, you may suffer from some symptoms and signs easily. Is this bad for you?

What will happen if 4.4 cm cyst in kidney grows into 5.0 cm

Continuous fluid filling can cause kidney cyst to become bigger and bigger, and then, it will cause big compression in its surrounding kidney tissues and organs. Meanwhile, patients are more likely to experience several problems. They include: sharp or dull back pain, blood urine, urinary tract infections, kidney damage, etc. If you have one of these symptoms, it means this kidney cyst has affected a lot on kidney inherent cells. Then, patients have to take some treatments to manage their kidney cyst.

How to remove 5.0 cm kidney cyst?

If your kidney cyst is located in kidney surface especially renal cortex, aspiration can help remove it successfully. In the first step doctors will use a long needle to puncture the big kidney cyst via skin. Then, some substances which contain alcohol are filled into empty sac, so as to reduce the recurrence of kidney cyst. However, in some cases, kidney cyst does recur and patients have to do another surgery. Besides, many patients don’t want to bear any pain, so they are eager to look for some natural remedies.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) all comes from natural substances that usually produce few side effect. At present, some Chinese medicines have been proven to be effective and safely on shrinking kidney cyst and preventing its recurrence. For example, semen plantaginis and lalang grass rhizome just has these therapeutic effects. To learn a herb list for treating kidney cyst, you can contact us by leaving a message below.

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