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Kidney Cysts

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Cause and Treatment of Kidney Cyst

2014-03-19 11:28

 Cause and Treatment of Kidney Cyst Up to now, many people are suffering from the kidney cyst. Do you know the cause and treatment of kidney cyst? Now, let’s have a look at the answer.

Kidney cyst is a disease which the sac is filled with liquid on kidney. According to data, about 30% people over age 70 have a cyst. The reason why people have cyst is that the injured renal function. In a fact, a healthy kidney can discharge some waste products such as the excessive water, urine and creatinine toxins from the human body. Once the kidney gets injured, the kidney can’t work normally. So the toxins will build up in body, which cause some disease like kidney cyst gradually.

What is the effective treatment to treat kidney cyst?

In other countries, patients adopt renal cyst decortication. This surgery can excise the cyst. But the cyst will appear again gradually. So this therapy can not treat kidney cyst from the root. Patients still endure the disease and suffer from the pain.

Hot Compress Therapy - the effective treatment for treating kidney cyst

Compared with surgery, patients need not do surgery and oral medicine by hot compress therapy. So, patients with kidney cyst can avoid bearing the pain due to the surgery and the bitter medicine.

How does the hot compress therapy treat kidney cyst?

This therapy adopts the natural herbal medicine and a series of osmosis device. The active herbal ingredient can act on the injured kidney with the help of advanced osmosis device. During the treatment, the herbal medicine can shrink the cyst to let the liquid flow out of the body, clean the necessary toxin, and repair the kidney damage, improve the renal function. After this therapy, the cyst can be narrowed and kidney function will get improvement to work again.

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