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The Different Stages of Renal Cyst

2014-04-08 07:43

How to figure out the different stages of renal cyst? The experts in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital have given a detailed explanation about it.

Simple renal cyst belongs to chronic kidney disease. It often be not severe. But you should pay attention to the acute cyst. Renal cyst is a common disease and can be divided into four stages namely light inflammation, serious disease, slow disease and emergency.

Light inflammation. In this stage, it means that patients have no obvious symptoms such as high blood pressure, kidney damage, infection and so on. What patients need to do is doing urine routine inspection and kidney function, observing the size, shape and texture changes of cyst only once every six months or a year follow-up.

Serious disease. With the growth of renal cyst, the condition will be worsening. Meanwhile, the kidney function will be significantly damaged along with infections, high blood pressure and other complications. Patients had better take treatment timely.

Slow disease. Kidney cyst is a chronic disease and should be checked regularly. Patients should keep an objective view of disease. Especially polycystic kidney disease patients, they should keep a good mood and actively cooperate with treatment.

Emergency. The best way to solve the acute renal cyst is treatment. When the cyst enlarge, increase, rupture with blood and occur infections, patients have to take treatment timely.

In some cases, the occurrence of renal cyst will develop into tumor renal cyst. Therefore, doing regular examination is necessary for patients to prevent worsening condition. Finally, I sincerely wish you will be happy and healthy.

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