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What Is Cortical Cyst Of Left Kidney

2013-07-30 10:50

Cortical cyst of the left kidney is one common type of simple kidney cyst that is located in the renal cortex part of the left kidney. Renal parenchymal can be divided into renal cortex and renal medulla---the outer 1/3 of the kidney is cortex and the inner 2/3 of the kidney is renal medulla.

That is to say cortical cyst is located in the outer part of the kidneys, therefore it is relatively easy to be treated than cysts that are located deep in renal tissues, but also it will cause oppression to both renal tissues and surrounding organs.

The content of cortical cyst is fluid and it is secreted by the epithelial cells on the cyst wall, therefore the cyst will experience slow but continuous enlargement and any stimulations such as alcohol can cause it to have rapid growth and cause symptoms like back pain, abdominal mass, blood in urine, etc.

With the development of renal imaging tests and population of physical examination, more and more people are found to have renal cortical cyst. Why people develop cortical cyst remains unclear at present, but it is very common among elderly people especially those that are above 50 years old, therefore it is often considered to be a change due to aging.

Though cortical cyst will continue to enlarge, it is a benign kidney disease and will seldom affect kidney functions, therefore if the cyst is not very large or if patients have no obvious symptoms, doctors usually adopt a wait and see attitude and order regular follow-up check to see the growth condition of the cyst.

If the cyst is larger than 3cm and begins to cause symptoms, doctors often will operate a minor surgery to drain the cyst fluid out with fine needle and then inject alcohol to harden the affected tissues. It has been proved to be effective and quick at relieving symptoms and discomforts, but one concern is high recurrence. Patients will find that the cyst is refilled again after a period of time and they have to undergo the surgery again. Whatever safe and minor the surgery is, it is not very suitable for elderly patients.

Actually there is more natural therapy for renal cortical cyst , that is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It has been proved effective, safe and painless for many renal cyst patients.

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