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Can Thin Cyst in One of The Kidney Live Naturally

2014-06-18 02:43

Can Thin Cyst in One of The Kidney Live NaturallyCan thin cysts in one of the kidney live naturally? It depends. Kidney cysts have two types: Simple kidney cysts and complex kidney cysts. The characters and prognosis of the two kinds of renal cysts are different. Let’s take a look at, and you will get your answer.

What are simple kidney cysts?

A cyst is a closed pouch or sac filled with air or liquid. Simple kidney cysts are usually small round sacs that have a thin wall and are filled with a watery fluid. As people get older, cysts can form on the surface or in the nephrons of the kidneys. They can range in size from a small pea to as large as a grapefruit. Cysts can also grow over time. Simple kidney cyst is common in those after 50 years old.

What are complex kidney cysts?

The complex renal cyst has irregular cyst lining and may show irregular shape and internal structure. The internal walls may divide it into many parts. These walls or the septum inside the complex renal cyst can be thin or thick and coarse. Calcification of the cyst is another characteristic of these cysts.

What is the prognosis of simple kidney cysts?

Simple kidney cysts are almost always harmless. They are called “simple” because there is very little chance they will develop into something more serious. Yet, simple cysts will grow over time. If they grow to a large size (usually more than 4cm), rupture, start to bleed or get infected they will cause many symptoms, and at this time, immediate treatment should be taken.

To sum up, the thin-walled cysts in one of the kidney may live unusually. You should have a regular test to monitor the growth of the cysts. Meanwhile, develop a kidney friendly diet is essential. Any questions, you can leave a message below, and we will reply you within 48 hours. Or you can contact online doctor online directly.

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