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Is It Easy for 6cm Kidney Cyst Burst on Own

2014-06-23 00:13

Is It Easy for 6cm Kidney Cyst Burst on OwnKidney cysts are are fluid-filled sacs that either simple kidney cysts or complex kidney cysts. If the cyst are small, they normally won’t cause symptoms. Yet, if they enlarge to a certain size and rupture, they begin to compress some tissues. Is it easy for 6cm kidney cyst burst on own?

What is the safe size of kidney cysts?

In clinic, if the size of the cysts are withing 3cm and cause no symptoms, patients need not to take any treatment. And 3cm is considered a critical standard. If the size of the cysts are beyond 3cm and cause some obvious symptoms, such as pain if flank, sides or back, proteinuria, hematuria or even high blood pressure, patients need to do something to control those conditions by shrinking kidney cysts.

When do kidney cysts rupture?

Normally, the cyst itself will not rupture unless it expands to a big size (more than 3m) and is affected by outside force like an injury to the kidneys, strong activities or even some gentle bending movements. In some cases, the kidney cysts may rupture on own, which is called Spontaneous cyst rupture. Well, this condition is not common. Kidney cyst of 6cm is much bigger than the safe size, so it is at a high risk of rupturing on own. This condition is diagnosed by B ultrasound, CT or MRI.

What may occur if 6cm kidney cyst ruptures?

- Infections

If the kidney cysts rupture, the fluids will flow into kidneys and other organs, causing infections in these area. The common infections are kidney cyst infection and urinary tract infection (UTI). As a result, you may feel an urge to urinate or have pain during urination. Some may also experience chills, fever or flank pain.

- Kidney failure

The large kidney cyst has caused severe damage on kidneys, because the cysts compress the kidney tissues, causing anoxia and ischemic to the glomeruli. For a long time, the damage becomes reversible. When cysts rupture, the infection aggravate the condition and cause kidney failure.

In conclusion, to reduce 6cm kidney cyst and improve your kidney function should be your concern now. In case of the progression of kidney cysts, you can ask our experts online for help.

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