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Is Kidney Exophytic Cortical Cyst Serious

2014-06-24 10:20

Is Kidney Exophytic Cortical Cyst SeriousRenal cysts are classified into simple and complex cysts. Simple cysts appear in the kidneys with increasing age and are usually harmless, unless they grow in size to the extent that can compress and damage normal kidney tissue.

Complications associated with simple cysts arise due to rupture of the cyst and resultant hemorrhage.

Exophytic means “to grow out of” and can be seen as a feature of certain renal tumors. This can present even in benign and noncancerous tumors.

Cortical refers to the area that is known as the cortex of the kidney. Cysts usually arise from the cortex of the kidney.

The title that you have put for this post is just a description of the cyst and not a definitive diagnosis of the cyst. Intervention will be decided based on a complete evaluation of all aspects of the cyst and associated kidney and general changes.

Indeed, there are some situations that can put you into the danger of more serious complications. If the kidney exophytic cortical cyst grows more than 3cm and begins to compress the tissues, patients may experience pain in the flank, sides or back. The pain is always dull, while it can become a sudden and sharp pain when it continues enlarge. If the cyst ruptures, the fluids will flow into other organs and cause infections. Urinary tract infection is the most commonly seen infection. At this time, you may feel pain during urination and frequent urine. Sometimes, patients may also have fever and chill.

Surgery, recommended by the doctor, is mostly used to cut off large kidney cyst especially exophytic cysts. However, any surgery may bring some dangers for patients. What’s more, the surgery for people with kidney cysts may cause the loss of kidney functioning tissues. Therefore, we can deeply understand that some people do not want to accept surgery.

In fact, for people with exophytic cortical cyst, we have better treatment, which is called Hot Compress Therapy. This is a combination of traditional Chinese medicines and modern technologies. Western medicines may be also used if necessary. Western medicines are used to treat some symptoms like pain, high blood pressure or urinary tract infections, while Chinese herbs are to improve the blood circulation so as to repair the damaged renal tissues.

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