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Hemorrhagic Cysts on Kidneys and Itchiness

2014-06-30 00:53

Hemorrhagic Cysts on Kidneys and ItchinessKidney cyst is a fluid-filled sacs that can be found in or outside of the kidneys. Some cysts are simple and small, so they may won’t cause any symptoms, while some complex or enlarged cysts will lead to some symptoms. When a cyst is hemorrhagic, it will cause other problems.

Why do hemorrhagic cysts occur?

The bleeding can appear either inside or outside of the cysts. When the cyst grows to a certain size, it will start to compress the nearby tissues and other cysts as well. If the surrounding pressure exceeds the level that the cyst can stand, it will cause the blood vessels on the cystic wall to bleed. Then hemorrhagic cysts are found under microscope.

Why does itchiness with kidney cysts?

Kidney cysts will not grow causing to damage of the kidneys, so when they expand or get infected, they will harm the kidneys, resulting in decreased kidney function. As we all know, kidney is the regulator of electrolyte balance of the body. If the kidney cannot function well, some electrolyte such as sodium, potassium and phosphorous level in the blood will become abnormal. Itchiness is the result of high phosphorous level in the blood.

How to improve kidney function?

You want to stop cystic hemorrhage and itchy skin? The most effective way is to improve your kidney function. On one hand, healthy kidney can inhibit the secretion of cystic fluid so as to stop cyst from enlarging. On the other hand, healthy kidneys can function well and discharge the excessive phosphorous out of the blood so that itchiness will disappear. For that purpose, I will not recommend you a list of medicines. Here, you may as well try Hot Compress Therapy, which is an external use based on Chinese herbs and modern osmotic devices. This therapy aims at not treating symptoms but improving your kidney function by enhancing its self-repairing ability. Once the intrinsic renal cells are repaired, the kidney can work well again and cyst will shrink or even disappear. Similarly, itchiness can be eliminated.

However, not every one is suitable for Hot Compress Therapy, so you can leave a message below, making a detailed description of your illness condition. We will analyze it and give you more specific suggestions.

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