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Blood in Urine Worses As Hemorrhagic Kidney Cyst Goes

2014-07-03 08:41

Blood in Urine Worses As Hemorrhagic Kidney Cyst GoesMany people can be diagnosed with kidney cysts. Sometimes, the cysts are small and harmless, but when they grow to certain size, they will rupture or become hemorrhagic. Blood in urine is a sign that the cysts are bleeding. Left untreated, it will be worse.

Why blood in urine occur with hemorrhagic kidney cyst?

When a person has been diagnosed with a hemorrhagic cyst that simply means the blood vessels on the wall of the cyst have ruptured. It happens because the enlarged kidney cysts compress each other. With increase pressure around the cyst, the blood vessels on the wall of the cyst cannot bear the high pressure and rupture finally. Then, red blood cells are carried into urine, then you are diagnosed with hematuria.

What will happen with hemorrhagic kidney cyst?

These hemorrhagic cysts often are asymptomatic which means the patient may not even know they have this type of cyst. Sometimes, however, they rupture and cause severe pain. If the fluid inside the cyst was infected, then a cyst hemorrhage could lead to sepsis. The pain one might experience might be a result of blood infection. If not treated soon, a life-threatening situation might arise.

How to treat hemorrhagic kidney cyst?

As mentioned above, pain and infection are the two main symptoms or complications of hemorrhagic kidney cysts. Usually, painkillers will be prescribed by doctors, but it will not sufficient to treat hemorrhagic kidney cyst only with painkillers. A blood infection is one of the biggest complication that can arise. In that case, the doctor may recommend you to take aspiration. This is a minimally invasive surgery which involves draining out of the fluids by using a needle. At times, the fluid might get filled up again, therefore, this procedure is often followed by infection of a sclerosing agent. Generally alcohol is used to scare the space within the cyst to prevent the cyst from getting filled. If this therapy does not work, doctors might consider laparoscopic cyst decortication. Under this procedure, the doctor makes small incisions, inflates the space with gas, and removes the walls of the renal cyst.

If you notice even the slightest tinge of redness in urine, get a urinalysis done. A timely diagnosis and treatment will facilitate a speedy recovery. If you need any other help, you can consult our doctors online.

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