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Picture of 2.5cm Cyst on the Kidney

2014-07-04 01:09

Picture of 2.5cm Cyst on the KidneyCyst can be found with one or several and different sizes on the kidney. It is a fluid-filled sac that can either by asymptomatic or harmless, according to the size, location or nature of the cyst. What should patients do when they are diagnosed with 2.5cm cyst on the kidney?

In general, if the cyst is less than 3-5cm, and cause no symptoms, no treatment is needed. Patients just need a regular test to monitor the growth of the cyst. But when the diameter of the cyst is mor than 5cm, the neighboring tissues and organs will be oppressed, resulting in many disorders like flank pain, hematuria, high blood pressure, chill, infection and so on. In this case, a surgery will be recommended to shrink or remove the cyst. At present, the popular methods include cystectomy, decortication and puncture. But none of them can refrain from the complications like infection and further progression of kidney disease.

Apart from surgery, patients can take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy is based on traditional Chinese medicines, which come from the nature. Therefore, it is more natural than western medicines. In addition, the active ingredients of the herbs can expand blood vessels, resist inflammation and coagulation and degrade extracellular matrix. The final target of this therapy is to improve kidney function so that the kidney can inhibit the secretion of cystic fluids by itself.

Surely, keep a healthy diet and do proper exercise also benefit the patients. For patients with cyst, they are required to avoid spicy and greasy foods. Alcohol and tobacco will also worsen the illness condition. Exercise can be done moderately to boost the patients’ immunity.

No matter what the patient eat or do, or no matter what treatment they take, they should ask their doctors’ advice firstly. We are also glad if we can do something for you.

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