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At Least How Many Cysts Indicates PKD

2014-07-04 09:06

At Least How Many Cysts Indicates PKDPolycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a genetic disorder. This disease is one kind of kidney cyst. PKD is characterized by the presence of multiple cysts (hence, “polycystic”) typically in both kidneys; however 17% of cases initially present with observable disease in one kidney, with most cases progressing to bilateral disease in adulthood. With more than two cysts, this kidney cystic disease can be called PKD, but it is also determined by the nature of the cyst.

Three types of kidney cysts

1. Simple kidney cyst: Simple kidney cysts always are found in one kidneys. In rare cases, simple kidney cysts are found in both kidneys. Simple kidney cysts do not enlarge the kidneys, replace their normal structure, or cause reduced kidney function like cysts do in people with PKD. Contents inside the cyst are fluids that is like plasma.

2. PKD: This disease is genetic disorder and are inherited. Most of the patients are diagnosed with multiple cyst in two kidneys. More than half of the patients will have kidney failure after 60 years old. Content inside the cysts are urine. Its prognosis is not so good as simple kidney cyst.

3. Acquired Cystic Kidney Disease (ACDK)

It means the cysts are often caused by dialysis because of kidney failure. It has the worst prognosis.

No matter how many cysts in the kidneys, treatment is needed when the cyst becomes large and cause symptoms like massively enlarged kidneys, pain in kidney area, proteinuria or hematuria, and kidney deficiency. If the kidney function decreases, the other systems and organs are likely to be affected and will be present with many complications such as high blood pressure, urinary tract infection, and kidney stones, etc. Therefore, take a test to monitor the growth of the cyst and to prevent from getting infection is very important.

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