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How Does Kidney Cyst Develop

2014-07-06 03:58

How Does Kidney Cyst Develop

Kidney cyst is a presence of abnormal structure of kidney. It can been seen in one or both kidneys singly or multiply. The diameter of one cyst is about 2cm and it may grows to 10cm. How does kidney cyst develop? What will increase or decrease the development of kidney cyst? This article is to give you some suggestions.

What will increase kidney cyst to grow?

1. Age

It is an inevitable factor that will cause development of kidney cyst. No matter what kidney cyst is, it will grow with age even without any stimulations. This a one character of kidney cyst.

2. Diet

If people with kidney cyst do not care what they eat or drink, they are easily to see enlarged kidney cyst. Spicy food like chill, curry and alcohol, tobacco, chocolate, coffee, shrimp and sea fish will stimulate the development of kidney cyst.

What will decrease the development of kidney cyst?

1. Surgery

Aspiration and decortication are often used to drain the cystic fluid so as to prevent cysts from enlarging. Surgery indeed have certain curative effects, but the effect is temporary. The rest small cysts will have a rapid growth due to the decreased pressure around the removed cyst. In other word, surgery can only work on one or several big cyst but nor all the cysts. Moreover, during the process, normal renal tissues are injured. Therefore, to decrease the development of kidney cyst, treatment must can inactive epithelial cells of the cyst so that no more secretion of cystic fluids.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is such an effective way. On one hand, the ingredients in the medicines can inhibit the secretion of cystic fluids. On the other hand, the active ingredients can improve the blood circulation on the surface of cysts so that cystic fluids can be discharged with urine.

To sum up, this therapy is to shrink kidney cyst by repairing damaged intrinsic renal cells as well as improving kidney function.

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