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Large Kidney Cyst: Should I Be Concerned

2014-07-05 08:00

Large Kidney Cyst: Should I Be ConcernedKidney cyst itself is not terrible and it is very common for people to diagnosed with one or several cysts. However, when the cyst becomes large and ruptures, you should be concerned. The prognosis of kidney cysts is affected by the size, location and nature of the cysts. Let’s see how do those factors affect your life.

1. Size of the kidney cyst

Generally, if the cyst is too large (more than 3-5cm), you should take some treatments to shrink the size of the cysts. When large cyst grow, it will oppress the neighbour cysts and tissues, resulting in a high pressure among or outside of the cyst. When the cysts grows bigger and bigger and cannot bear the pressure, it will rupture. This a bad result that can cause severe kidney pain that happen occasionally and is dull.

At this time, treatment is needed immediately to remove the injured kidney cyst and prevent infection. Aspiration and decortication are two types of surgery. However, for those who are diagnosed with multiple cysts, they will see the small cysts grow rapidly after removing large kidney cysts.

2. Location of the cyst

Kidney cyst can be seen under CT and generally locates in the cortical, pelvis, and renal sinus. Each type has a different prognosis.

3. Nature of the cyst

It means that cyst can be either simple and complex. Simple kidney cyst has a better prognosis than complex kidney cyst.

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