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What If Ruptured Kidney Cyst Infection Cannot Be Cured

2014-07-06 04:12

What If Ruptured Kidney Cyst Infection Cannot Be CuredKidney cyst is not terrible unless it becomes large and rupture, or gets infected. What if ruptured kidney cyst infection cannot be treatmentd? You may see the flowing symptoms or complications such as:

1. Hemorrhagic cyst

It means that the cyst is bleeding. If the cyst ruptures, it must be due to the elevated pressure around or among the cysts. The high pressure cause oppression to the cyst and the nearby tissues, causing the blood vessels of the walls of cyst to burst. Therefore you can see the cyst is bleeding under microscope. If left untreated, patients may have pain in kidney area, such as flank pain, back pain and side pain. At the early stage, the pain is dull and occurs occasionally. When the infection cause more damage, patients will feel severe and frequent pain. Sometimes, the pain is so annoying that it makes patients hard to get to sleep.

2. Urinary tract infection

Due to the ruptured kidney cyst, the fluids flow into the urinary tract through urethra. The infected fluids then will cause urinary tract infection. As a result, patients will also have pain during the urination. It brings a burning sensation when the patient have urine output. Besides, their urine volume may also change. In general, patients will have a frequent urine, especially at night, but the urine volume is rather small. They are likely to have an urgent feeling to urinate.

3. Low immunity

The ruptured infected kidney cyst will lower the immune ability so that patients always have chills, fever and tiredness. Under such circumstance, they are easy to catch cold, which inturn will cause more serious infection.

4. Kidney failure

Without any treatment, the ruptured infected kidney cyst will damage the kidneys persistently. Gradually, the kidneys cannot function well and fail to discharge wastes and toxins effectively. It is very possible for patients wo have kidney failure if they do nothing to treat the infection.

Both cystic rupture and cyst infection are terrible and should draw the patients’ attention. We can give you some suggestions to deal with that condition. Leave a message below and you will get a reply within 48 hours.

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