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Stages of Complex Kidney Cyst

2014-07-07 09:25

Stages of Complex Kidney CystKidney cyst is a fluid-filled sac which can be caused by generic disorder, heredity, environment, infection, or malpractice of medicines. Complex kidney cyst is one kinds of kidney cyst, and the other type is simple kidney cyst. Stages of complex kidney cysts are divided into five according to the development of the cyst.

Five stages of complex kidney cyst

Stage 1: Emergency stage

Generally speaking, the complex cyst at this stage is so small that it is not diagnosed in most of the time. People get complex kidney disease when they were still a baby and most of them will not see any symptoms that indicate they have renal cyst until they are over 20 years old. At this time, they had better check whether someone in their families has had such kidney disease.

Stage 2: Growing stage

Complex kidney cysts have a rapid grow at this period when people are more than thirty. At stage two, treatments are taken based on what symptoms patients have. Obviously, treatments at this stage is negative.

Stage 3: Enlarging stage

When people are over forty, the complex kidney cyst will have a second rapid growth at stage three. Patients with complex kidney cyst at this stage will be diagnosed with one or several big cysts (more than 3cm). However, the size of the cyst is also not big enough to rupture. With the development of the cysts, many symptoms such as kidney pain, hematuria, proteinuria and high blood pressure, etc, will occur. Treatment at this stage is pretty important. Simply controlling the growth of the cyst is not enough. There must be a way to inhibit the secretion and absorb the cystic fluids effectively. Combining western medicines and Chinese herbs are proved to be more effective.

Stage 4: Rupturing stage

The enlarged complex kidney cyst cannot bear the pressure around so that it ruptures finally. Once the cyst ruptures, immediate hospitalization is required in case of infection and kidney failure.

Stage 5: Uremia

At this stage, the complex kidney cysts have caused more than 85% of kidney function. Dialysis and kidney transplant are recommended. However, both of the two choices are not better than Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is the latest and effective way to treat end stage of renal disease.

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