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An overview of Adrenal Cyst

2014-07-11 02:13

An overview of Adrenal CystKidney cyst is a benign lesion and its name differs according to its location in the kidneys. For example, parapelvic cyst and renal cortical cyst are two common types of kidney cyst. Now, you must know what does adrenal cyst mean. This article is to tell you the cause and treatment of adrenal cyst.


Overall, kidney cyst can be caused by heredity or secondary factors such as diet, infection and malpractice of medicines. Adrenal cyst is no exception.


In most cases, adrenal cyst is asymptomatic. Many patients are diagnosed with adrenal cyst when they are taking physical examination or other tests. When the cyst is more than 3-5cm, it starts to compress the nearby tissues and thus cause some symptoms like kidney pain, abdominal pain, and Gastrointestinal discomforts. Few of the patients will be diagnosed with acute abdomen due to ruptured and bleeding adrenal cyst.


Most of the adrenal cysts are asymptomatic because they won’t damage kidney function. Therefore, no obvious changes in urinary or test result. Therefore, the current diagnosis of adrenal cyst rely mainly on imaging test. However, if the cyst is too large, either ultrasound or CT may give a false result that will be confused with near cystic lesions such as liver cyst and pancreatic cyst.


You doctor will tell you not to worry about the cyst if it is small (less than 3cm) and when it is asymptomatic. If the cyst is over 3-5cm and cause symptoms that brings you some discomforts, you need to take immediate treatment to prevent the cyst from enlarging. Surgery is always taken to remove the big cyst. Indeed, surgery has a quick effect. However, it has side effects. Infection may occur during the process.

Hot Compress Therapy, an innovative therapy to shrink kidney cyst, is based on traditional Chinese medicines and have been widely used in China. The effective ingredients will inhibit the secretion of cystic fluids by destroying the epithelial cells of the walls of cyst. That is to say, Hot Compress therapy can treat adrenal cyst from the root. Therefore, it is more natural and effective than surgery.

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