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Can a Cyst Rupture on Kidney With Massage

2014-07-16 07:58

Can a Cyst Rupture on Kidney With MassageCan a cyst rupture on kidney with massage? Yes. An enlarged kidney cyst is easy to rupture due to outside forces, especially when people are doing strenuous exercise, strong physical labors, some bending movements and even massage. Yet, it does not mean that all types of massages will make a renal cyst rupture.

What you should know about massage?

Patients can get many benefits from massage. By pressing some parts of the body, a massagist can relax your muscles and help smooth the blocked meridians so as to speed up blood circulation of the body. Therefore, massage is good for relieving pains and stress. Even for some patients with kidney cyst can do massage, while the most important thing for them is to choose a right type for them. In addition, you must avoid being given a hard press on kidney area in case of rupture of the kidney cysts.

What can I do with renal cyst?

Since massage is a risk of cyst rupture, you’d better choose other safe treatment. If the cyst is small and cause no discomfort for you, you can leave it untreated. You just need a regular test to check the size of the cyst. If the cyst becomes large, immediate treatment is needed to shrink it because when the cyst grows to more than 3cm-5cm, it will cause many symptoms and is likely to rupture.

In the early stage of renal cyst, you can take some Herbal teas to prevent the cyst from enlarging.

In the advanced stages of renal cyst, patient will experience many symptoms like kidney pain, proteinuria and high blood pressure. First of all, you should take medicines to control those complications under control to create a good environment for kidney’s repairing. Then, using Hot Compress Therapy to shrink kidney cyst as well as improve kidney function. During the course of treatment, medicines I recommend are traditional Chinese medicines, because they all come from the nature, and thus cause few side effects on you. Traditional Chinese medicines have a history of over 5000 years, and they have been proved to be very effective by lots of clinical practices and modern technologies.

Our hospital—Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital has innovated several therapies that are based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and has saved or prolonged many patients’ lifespan. If you want to know more about us or our treatments, you are welcomed to leave a message below or email to You can also talk with our doctor online directly.

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