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Dangers of Kidney Cysts

2014-07-19 03:42

Dangers of Kidney CystsCyst is a benign lesion that can form anywhere in the body. Cysts can be filled with air or fluid. Cysts that form on the kidneys usually contain fluid. One or more cysts may develop on small tubes in the kidneys. Not all the cysts are dangerous. Kidney cyst is divided into two types: Simple kidney cyst and complex kidney cyst. Now, let’s see what the dangers of the two types are.

Dangers of simple kidney cyst

A simple kidney cyst is a round pouch of smooth, thin-walled tissue or a closed pocket. One or more may form within the kidneys. They are very common for people with age. Nearly 30% of the people over the age of 70 have at least one simple kidney cyst.

Most often, simple cysts do not cause symptoms or harm the kidney. In some cases, however, pain can occur when cysts enlarge and press on other organs. Sometimes cysts become infected or suddenly start to bleed. Less often the cysts impair kidney function.

Dangers of complex kidney cyst

Complex kidney cyst is more serious than simple kidney cyst.

The complex renal cyst has irregular cyst lining and may show irregular shape and internal structure. The internal walls may divide it into many parts. These walls or the septum inside the complex renal cyst can be thin or thick and coarse. The presence of multiple internal walls gives rise to the possibility that the cyst may develop into kidney cancer. Symptoms such as back pain, side pain, flank pain, protein in urine, or high blood pressure are very common. If the cyst get infected or ruptures, you may see blood in urine. Without timely and right treatment, complex kidney cyst can lead to kidney failure.

Now you have got a general understanding about the dangers of kidney cyst. If you want to know how you can manage the renal cyst, you can consult our online doctors. Yet, it will be better to leave a message below, enclosing your recent test report so that we can give you more detailed suggestions.

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