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What Does 5.9cm of Renal Cortical Cyst Mean

2014-07-26 03:44

What Does 5.9cm of Renal Cortical Cyst MeanWhat does 5.9cm renal cortcical cyst mean? Well, I think you may want to know what is cortical cyst and what the effects of 5.9cm renal cyst are. Read on this artical, you can get your answer.

What is renal cortical cyst?

Cysts can be found in many parts of the kdineys, and when they forms in the cortaical (the outer portion of the kidney between the renal capsule and the renal medulla) of the kideny, they are called cortical cysts. They occurs with people’s age and usually grow to 10-15 centimeters or more. They can be found through an ultrasound.

What are the effects of 5.9cm renal cortical cyst?

Renal cortical cyst can be congestinal or caused by dialysis due to end stage of various kideny diseases. 5.9 cm renal corcial cyst is very large and may cause any of the following systoms like:

- Pain. The is the most commonly seen symptom of large cysts. You can immagin that large cyst of the kidneys will take up the spaces of other tissues and begin to compress the tissues. That is why you feel pain, especially in your kidney area. Yet, someone can have abdominal pain due to large renal cortaical cyst.

- High blood pressure. This symtom is also caused by the compression to the tiny blood vessels, which resulting in more sectretion of angiotensins by kidneys. Therefore, you blood pressure are increased by 5.9cm renal cortical cyst.

- Urinary changes: 5.9 cm renal cortical cyst is too large and when it compress the renal tissues, it is damaging the kidneys. Kidney is the adjuster of water balance of the body. When the kidney is damaged and cannot function normally, it will lead to some urinary changes such as frequent urine and urgent urine.

What is the best treatment of 5.9cm renal cortical cyst?

If you ask your doctor, he or she may recommond you to remove the 5.9cm renal cortical cyst by surgery. It indeed has a quick relieve for you. Yet, if you know the side effects of surgery, you may won’t want to do that. Today, I will inroduce you an innovative and natural treatment for shrinking renal cortical cyst. That thetrapy is called Micro-Chinese Mesdicine Osmotherapy. Are you interested in it. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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