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Cyst on Kidney That Is Bleeding

2014-07-31 07:53

Cyst on Kidney That Is BleedingCyst on the kidney is a benign lesion that may form from heredity, gene mutation, infections, toxins and diet. Even a bad habit of diet and lifestyle can induce the formation of renal cyst. What does a bleeding renal cyst mean? How does that happen? What are the treatment of a hemorrhagic kidney cyst?

Why does kidney cyst occur?

If the cyst is small, it is asymptomatic. Many patients do not know they have kidney cyst because there are no obvious symptoms. However, when the cyst becomes large (more than 2cm), it begins to compress renal tissues. Therefore, the blood vessels on the walls of epithelial cells will be oppressed, as well. When the tiny vessels cannot bear the pressure, it will burst. Then, patients can see a bleeding cyst under microscopic.

If you have the following symptoms, you can also know the cyst is bleeding.

1. Pain: Usually, pain will occur in the back, side, or abdomen. Hemorrhagic renal cyst causes severe and persistent pain.

2. Blood in urine: It is also called hematuria in clinic. Sometimes, you can see your urine is with red or pink color, while sometimes, hematuria can only be seen under microscopic.

Without untreated, bleeding cyst will cause infection, sepsis, or be life-threatening.

How to treat a cyst that is bleeding?

Treatment should be based on symptoms. In general, painkiller and antibiotics are prescribed by the doctor. However, medicines can only relieve the symptoms instead of solving the underlying problem.

As mentioned above, the enlargement of the cyst is the cause of a burst. To prevent the enlargement of the cyst is to prevent from burst. If the cyst has been hemorrhagic and causes severe symptoms, surgery will be recommended to remove the cyst. No matter what kind of treatment you take, you should be cautious about not causing further kidney damage. Traditional Chinese medicines are always taken during the treatment for kidney disease, because they are natural and effective. You may as well try this medicine.

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