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What Causes Hemorrhagic Cysts on Kidneys

2014-08-07 07:29

What Causes Hemorrhagic Cysts on KidneysA hemorrhagic renal cyst is characterized by hemorrhage or bleeding into the cyst. Are hemorrhagic renal cysts serious? What are the causes of the hemorrhage? How to deal with this condition? Read on, and you will get the answers to all the above questions.

Causes of hemorrhagic renal cysts?

Renal cyst is a fluid-filled sac, which also have blood vessels on the walls of the cyst. When the cyst grows to a certain size, it will be under the pressure of the the surrounding organs or tissues. That can lead to the burst of blood vessels. That’s one reason why hemorrhagic renal cysts are found.

The other cause may be surgery. People want to shrink the big renal cysts by surgery. However, when the doctor perform a surgery, they may cause trauma on the cyst, which lead to a hemorrhagic cyst.

Hemorrhagic renal cyst is serious. If the fluid inside the cyst was infected, then a cyst hemorrhage could lead to sepsis. And you should let your doctor to have a test to find the real cause and take timely treatment to stop the bleeding.

Symptoms of hemorrhagic renal cyst

Normally, the most commonly seen symptom is blood in the urine. In fact, the “blood” is red blood cells, which leak out of the body due to decreased glomerular filtration rate (GFR).

In addition, people will also have severe back pain, flank pain, or abdominal pain.

If the fluid inside the cyst was infected, then a cyst hemorrhage could lead to sepsis. If not treated soon, a life-threatening situation might arise.

If you have any symptoms of the above listed, you should hey should go to see a doctor at once.

However, to prevent the relapse of hemorrhagic renal cyst, you should not only treat symptoms but also improve kidney function. Wanna suggestions? Please consult us on line.

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