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5.9cm Hemorrhagic Cyst On the Kidney

2014-08-24 00:45

5.9cm Hemorrhagic Cyst On the KidneyKidney cyst is a benign lesion which is a fluid-filled sac. Normally, the cyst is harmless unless it becomes too large or bleeds. So, is 5.9cm hemorrhagic cyst on the kidney serious? Yes, absolutely. But do not worry, I will tell you how to deal with it in this article.

Why is kidney cyst hemorrhagic?

5.9cm kidney cyst is very serious and due to this large size, the cyst will compress the nearby tissues. Actually, when the cyst is more than 3cm, it starts to oppress the surrounding tissues. As you know, there are also blood vessels on the walls of the cyst. When it is under the pressure and cannot bear it, the blood vessels will burst. That’s why you are diagnosed with hemorrhagic kidney cyst.

How serious is 5.9cm hemorrhagic kidney cyst?

At the early stage, you may just feel pain in the back, flank, or abdomen. When it bleeds, the pain will be more serious and comes frequently. Besides, you are easy to get infection, such as urinary tract infection. This will also lead to a painful feeling during urination.

What’s worse, if left untreated, the hemorrhagic cyst may pollute the blood and cause sepsis which is life-threatening.

How to deal with 5.9cm hemorrhagic kidney cyst?

If the cyst is more than 3cm and cause symptoms, surgery may be recommended to drain or remove it. Meanwhile, medicines will be prescribed to control some complications such as infection, pain and high blood pressure. These methods can indeed help you get rid of you problems, but their effects is subtle and temporary.

Here, I recommend you take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy that is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). On on hand, it can shrink the cyst by inhibiting the secretion of cyst fluid and promoting the discharge if wastes through enhanced blood circulation. More important, it is good for improving kidney function by repairing renal intrinsic cells. You can trust us. Any questions, you can leave a message below or email to We are glad to help you.

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