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Renal Sinus Cyst in the Kidney

2014-08-27 00:59

Renal Sinus Cyst in the KidneyIt is not common to find a renal sinus cyst in the kidney. Many people are diagnosed with it after 50 years old. In clinic, this condition is always compared with parapelvic cyst, which belong to renal sinus cyst.

What is renal sinus cyst?

Kidney cyst is always named after its location in the kidneys. Renal sinus cysts are simple renal cysts that lie within the renal sinus. They can be subdivided into :

- Parapelvic cysts : originate from the adjacent parenchyma and protrude into the renal sinus

- Peripelvic cysts : originate within the sinus itself and have a lymphatic origin

How can be renal sinus cyst be diagnosed?

Various imaging modalities can be used for the diagnosis of pathologic conditions affecting the renal sinus. These include excretory urography, CT, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), and angiography. Each modality can provide useful information about the detection, characterization, and extent of disease.

What are the symptoms of renal sinus cyst

Normally, the renal sinus cyst is noncancerous. Occasionally, symptoms such as back pain,f flank pain, hypertension, hematuria, and localized hydronephrosis have been reported in large parapelvic cysts compressing the renal blood vessels and/or nearby collecting system structures. Few of them will have complications such as kidney stone and urinary tract infection.

What can you do with renal sinus cyst?

If the cyst is small and cause no symptoms, you can just leave it alone,while you should take a regular test to monitor the growth of it.

When symptoms occur due to the cyst enlargement, treatment to shrink the cyst is required. The doctor may recommend you take surgery by injecting the cyst with some processed medical material that will be absorbed by lymphatic system.

Here I recommend you to try Micro-Chinese Medicines which is based on Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM). Chinese herbs all come from the nature and can improve kidney function. Therefore, it is more natural and effective than surgery.

I hope you can benefit from this therapy if you are diagnosed with renal sinus cyst. Any questions, you can leave a message below or email to

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