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Do Multiple Kidney Cysts Always Indicate PKD

2014-09-06 02:43

Do Multiple Kidney Cysts Always Indicate PKDKidney cyst is a round pouch of fluid that can form in any part of the kidneys. Kidney cysts are divided into three categories: Simple kidney cyst, Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and Acquired Cystic Kidney Disease (ACKD). Each kidney disease has its own presence. Do multiple kidney cysts always indicate PKD? Firstly, let me introduce you the differences between them.

► Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

This kidney disease is a genetic disorder and is characterized by a cluster of cysts on the kidneys. These cysts are so dense that they cannot be counted and the normal kidney tissues among the cysts cannot be seen, either. In the advanced stages, only one or several big renal cysts can be seen.

► Simple kidney cyst

This type of kidney cyst is not rare. More than half the people can be diagnosed with one or several cysts (normally on one kidney) when they are over 50 years old. In most cases, the cysts are very small and cause no symptoms. If the cyst is less than 3cm, it always cause no symptoms. Surgery won’t be taken unless it grows more than 5cm and cause symptoms.

► Acquired Cystic Kidney Disease (ACKD)

This kind of kidney disease always occurs among those who have taken dialysis for a long time. According to the survey, there are at least 4 cysts forming on the kidneys, reaching to 2-3cm in size.

Now, you have got a general understanding of the three kinds of cystic kidney diseases. Then, we can say that multiple does not always indicate Polycystic Kidney Disease. If you have any other questions, you can consult our experts online.

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