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Are Exophytic Renal Cysts Cancerous

2014-09-11 08:36

Are Exophytic Renal Cysts CancerousAre you diagnosed with exophytic renal cysts? Are you also wondering whether the cysts are cancerous or not? If so, you can get the answer from the following article.

Two types of exophytic kidney cysts

Kidney cysts can be found in any part of the kidneys and are named after their location. There are two types of kidney cysts: Simple kidney cyst and complex kidney cyst.

● Simple kidney cyst

Simple kidney cyst has a thin wall lining itself with no problems from the first glance. The cyst only contains fluid upon observation, which is seen as either clear or yellow in colon after it’s been removed. It does no pose as a risk for future kidney cancer, so patients can breath a sigh of relief knowing this detail.

● Complex kidney cyst

This type of kidney cyst has irregular when the lining is observed along with its shape as well. The features of the cysts vary depending on the type it is, for example, if it is a cyst that has fine walls or those that are coarse and thick, it would mean that it is malignant in nature, thus posing as a risk for developing into kidney cancer.

No matter which kind of exophytic kidney cyst, it can surely draw your attention when it becomes larger than 3cm, causing some symptoms such as back pain, flank pain, abdominal pain, high blood pressure, protein or/and blood in the urine. You can consult our doctor online for suggestions or email to

Natural treatment for exophytic renal cyst

●  Avoid spicy and greasy foods as well as coffee, smoking and alcohol

●  Limit the salt and protein intake

●  Keep your blood sugar and blood pressure under control

● Avoid strenuous activities such as ball games, boxing, heavy labor work

●  Natural therapies: Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Chinese herbal tea, etc.

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