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What Is 2.5cm Simple Cortical Cyst in the Right Kidney

2014-09-16 03:55

What Is 2.5cm Simple Cortical Cyst in the Right KidneyKidney cyst is a round pouch filled with fluid that can be clear or is like plasma. It has two types: simple and complex kidney cyst. The cyst is progressive and can be found in any part of the kidneys.

What is 2.5cm simple cortical cyst in the right kidney?

Cortical is the outside region of the kidneys. Simple kidney cyst has a regular shape, cyst lining and internal structure. A small simple cortical cyst is generally benign and cause no symptoms unless it grows to a larger size.

When the cysts is more than 2cm, people may experience back pain, flank pain, abdominal pain, protein in the urine. If the cyst get infected, it may lead to severe and sharp pain, fever, urinary tract infection or blood in the urine.

If you are experiencing one or several symptoms, you should take immediate treatments.

How is 2.5cm simple cortical kidney cyst treated?

● Restrict your diet

It is very important for patients to stay away from spicy and greasy foods, such as chills, garlic, fried foods, mustard, etc. Meanwhile, you’d better avoid smoking, caffeine, and alcohol.

● Avoid strenuous activities

Some strenuous activities like basketball, football, baseball, boxing, running, and heavy-lifting are dangerous for you because that may cause cyst rupture, while swimming, biking, jogging, walking, Tai Chi, Yoga, are all good choices for people.

● Medications

Your doctors may prescribe some medicines to relieve the symptoms. However, many of over-the-counter drugs will cause side effects and are toxic for the kidneys. In the long run, these medicines are not good for them.

Yet, you can replace them with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that is natural and effective for shrinking kidney cyst as well as improving kidney function. I strongly recommend you take this this therapy.

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