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Is Bilateral Simple Renal Cortical Cyst Dangerous

2014-10-26 08:54

Is Bilateral Simple Renal Cortical Cyst DangerousIs simple renal cortical cyst on bilateral kidneys dangerous? It depends.

An overview of simple renal cortical cyst

A kidney cyst is fluid-filled sac that can be found in any part of the kidneys. Since the cysts arises in renal parenchyma , it is called cortical cyst. There are two types: simple and complex renal cyst.

How common is simple renal cortical cyst?

The simple renal cysts is a benign non-neoplastic mass. It is very common. The incidence of renal cysts increases with age occurring rarely in neonates and the pediatric group, to over 50% in those over age 50.

When should you be concerned with bilateral simple renal cortical cysts?

With time goes by, the simple cysts will grow to large size. When they are over 3-5cm, they are easy to cause some symptoms, such as back pain, flank pain, high blood pressure, enlarged kidneys,etc. For those with extremely large cysts, they can feel the swollen kidneys, or experience some complication like kidney stone, kidney dysfunction, etc.

In general, patients do not take treatments until symptoms occur. Well, it seems like that treatment at this time is a little negative. Therefore, it is better for you to take some precautions as soon as the diagnosis.

Precautions for bilateral simple renal cysts

● A regular test

Most people find the cyst occasionally in a test. The earlier you are diagnosed, the better outcome you have.

● Design a balanced diet

Spicy and greasy foods are not not OK for people with kidney cyst. In addition, alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco can stimulate the growth of cyst, so they should not kept away from you.

● Prevent yourself from infection

Urinary tract infection are the most common induce that can lead to kidney cyst infection. Take methods to prevent bacteria from invading your body.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this therapy can shrink kidney cyst naturally and effectively. More important, it aims at treating kidney disease by improving kidney function, so it is the best choice for patients.

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