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The Meaning of Parapelvic Cyst in Left Kidney

2014-10-26 14:25

The Meaning of Parapelvic Cyst in Left KidneyParapelvic cyst, or peripelvic cyst is a round pouch sac arising within the sinus region. It can be found in left or right kidney. Most of parapelvic cyst is caused by heredity, and almost attack those who are over 50 years old.

Symptoms and complications of parapelvic cyst

● Back pain, flank pain, or bloated stomach: These discomforts occur due to the compression of enlarged parapelvic cyst on nearby tissues.

● Red, dark brown or cola-colored urine: This condition has a medical term “hematuria”, which is caused by leakage of red blood cells. Mostly, blood can only be seen under microscope. When parapelvic cyst rupture, gross hematuria.

● High blood pressure: Compression from large cyst lead to shortage of blood in the kidneys, stimulating the kidney secret more renin. As a result, renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system starts, increasing the blood pressure.

● Enlarged kidneys: It can be related to expansion of parapelvic cyst or hydronephrosis.

● Urinary Tract Infection: When that happens, patients may experience painful urination, fever, chills, or kidney pain.

Treatment for parapelvic cyst

Treatments for all kinds of kidney cyst are the same, either medicines or surgery. Medicines like pain killers, antibiotics, hypertensive drugs, etc are used to relieve the symptoms. Surgery is taken when some condition becomes severe. Laparoscopic Decortication and percutaneous aspiration are the commonly used for draining the cysts.

However, the above listed treatments are negative because they cannot solve the underlying problems, resulting in recurrence of kidney cyst.

Therefore, I recommend you to take our characteristic treatments.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is an external application innovated from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The effective ingredients of Chinese herbs we choose are beneficial for blood vessel dilation, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, and extracellular matrix degradation. Therefore, it is not only good for shrinking kidney cyst but also improving kidney function, which is the key of treating parapelvic cyst.

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