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Cortical Cyst in the Kidney With a Lot of Pain

2014-10-30 02:17

Cortical Cyst in the Kidney With a Lot of PainCortical cyst in one of the most common type of kidney cyst. As it locates at the renal cortex, the outside region of the kidney, it is called cortical cyst. If you are experiencing a lot of pain with renal cortical cyst, this article would be a good aid for you.


Up to now, there is no clear answer about the causes of a cortical cyst. It might be caused by infections, injuries or genetic issues. Scientists do know that they occur more often in men than in women. As people grow old, they have higher chance of developing it.


Small cortical cyst might be asymptomatic, and you do not notice it until you take a routine examination for other issues. As the the cyst grows larger, you may experience pain or pressure in your backs or sides, which radiates downward. The pain is usually dull, not sharp. You might notice blood or bubbles in your urine. High blood pressure can also occur.


Large cortical cyst often put pressure on the stomach and intestines, or the kidney itself. In some cases, stretching of the wall of the cyst may be the reason for pain. Infection or bleeding from a kidney cyst can be the other causes of pain. Infection causes kidney tissue to swell, stretching the renal capsule. The renal capsule is the thick layer of fibrous connective tissue surrounding each of the kidneys. This can cause a constant, aching type of pain.

Flank pain, which is characterized as pain in the side that is felt somewhere between the lower ribcage and pelvis, is usually associated with kidney problems.

Pain in the flank or lower back often radiates to the middle of the abdomen or the groin are just below the abdomen.

Medical conditions involving the kidneys are a common cause of groin pain in women and men both.


Shrinking the renal cortical cyst or control the infection or bleeding in the cyst should be the key. I recommend you to take Chinese herbs, which are more natural and effective than over-the-counter drugs and surgery. If you need more detailed suggestions, contact us now!

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