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3.4 cm Cortical Cyst in Left Kidney

2014-11-10 01:22

3.4 cm Cortical Cyst in Left KidneyKidney cyst is named based on its location on the kidneys. 3.4cm cortical renal cyst develops in the outside region of the kidneys, and is always associated with many disorders that can lead to kidney damage.

Should you be concerned about 3.4cm renal cortical cyst?

Kidney cyst is a fluid-filled sac that can be found for many reasons like genetic disorder, infection, bad environment, trauma during surgery, and so on. If the cyst is less than 2cm and cause no symptoms, you needn’t to worry about that. However, when it enlarges to more than 3-5cm, it is likely to cause some problems.

What are the symptoms of 3.4cm renal cortical cyst?

In general, patients with 3.4cm renal cortical cyst may experience some symptoms such as:

-Pain on the lower back, flank. Severe pain may travels up to upper abdomen. When cyst gets infected or bleed, you may have sharp painful feeling.

-High blood pressure. More than half of kidney cyst patients will see elevated blood pressure. 3.4cm cortical cyst is large enough to cause pressure on nearby organs, including the kidney itself. As a result, the kidney will secret more hormones that can lead to high blood pressure.

- Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. If the stomach is compressed, patients may have a stomach bloating, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

In addition, some complication may also be seen, for example:

- Urinary Tract infection (UTI). If you are experiencing repeated UTI, you should call you doctor immediately.

- Kidney Stone

- Liver cyst

- Brain aneurysm

As for other discomforts that you have, you can consult our doctors online directly or email to

What can you do for 3.4cm renal cortical cyst?

-Avoid greasy and spicy foods

-Keep low sodium and protein intake

-Avoid strenuous activities

-Avoid nephrotoxic medicines

-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This therapy is a new treatment for shrinking kidney cyst. Bases on traditional Chinese herbs, this therapy can not only shrink kidney cyst but also improve kidney function. Compared with medicines and surgery, this therapy is more natural and effective. You can trust us.

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