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Difference in Parapelvic Cysts and Renal Cortical Cysts

2014-11-26 11:23

Difference in Parapelvic Cysts and Renal Cortical CystsA kidney cysts is usually a benign non-neoplastic mass of unknown etiology. It can be found in many parts of the kidneys. According to the location, the cyst is named. Difference in parapelvic cysts and renal cortical cysts also lies in the locations on kidneys.


1. Parapelvic cysts

Parapelvic Cyst is disease in which cyst develops in the kidney sinus or kidney pelvis.

2. Renal cortical cyst

The cortical cyst refers to a very common type of kidney cyst. Because it is located at the renal cortex, it is called the cortical cyst.


1. Symptoms

Either parapelvic cyst or renal cortical cyst, it won’t cause any problem, and patients may not know they have kidney cyst until it is found in a routine examination for other issues. As the cyst grows larger, patients might start to experience some problems like pain or pressure in the back or sides, which often radiates downward. The pain is usually dull, not sharp. When the cyst grows big enough, they might be able to feel it when they press down on abdomen. In some cases, blood or bubbles may also be noticed in the urine. They may have experience some complications such as high blood pressure, urinary tract infection or kidney stone.

2. Treatment

Even though there is no treatment for parapelvic cysts and renal cortical cyst, there are some ways to treat the cyst. Some might be effective on their own, while others might need to be combined with other treatments in order to obtain the best outcome. As for your own case, you are welcomed to email to

General guidance include a low-sodium and low-protein but high-quality protein diet, regular checkups, medicines, puncture, laparoscopic decortication and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Based on almost 30 years of clinic practices, I recommend you to take traditional Chinese herbs since they are can shrink kidney cyst with few side effects, so they are natural than over-the-counter medicines and surgery.

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