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Is 2.1cm Renal Cortical Cyst Dangerous

2014-12-09 01:23

Is 2.1cm Renal Cortical Cyst DangerousRenal cortical cysts is one of the most common type of kidney cyst. It cna grow very large with age. Is 2.1cm renal cortical cyst dangerous? It depends.

When should you be concerned about renal cortical cyst?

Most patients won’t see any symptoms since small cortical cyst are asymptomatic, and they usually find cyst by accident. You may just be given medicines when symptoms occur. In general, if the cyst is more than 3-5 cm, it starts to bring you problems. However, it does not mean you can ignore 2.1cm renal cortical cyst. There are not few people can experience some issues even if the cyst is small, because kidney cyst infection is also a serious condition.

Symptoms of a renal cortical cyst

● Dull pain in the lower back, sides, abdomen or groins. If the cyst also gets infected, it will lead to sharp pain. You may feel a painful urination.

● Nausea. Enlarged kidney cyst will compress nearby organs and affect other systems. Therefore, some patients with kidney cyst complain that they feel a bloated stomach and poor appetite and nausea.

● High blood pressure. It is not rate in renal cortical cyst patients. Enlarged cyst will stimulate the kidneys secrete more renin, which will start the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS), thus leading to high blood pressure.

● Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). A renal cortical cyst will interfere with the urine flow. Even a small delay of urine can make large amounts of bacteria deposit inside the urinary tract, causing UTIs.

If you have any symptom or other problems such as fatigue, swelling, urinary changes, etc, you should be concerned and take immediate treatments. Whether a 2.1cm renal cortical cyst is dangerous should be defined according to you own condition.

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