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Can Chemo Drugs Cause a Kidney Cyst

2013-04-13 09:33

Can Chemo Drugs Cause a Kidney CystChemo drugs, also known as chemotherapy, is a common treatment of cancer and aims to prolong patients’ life or to palliate their symptoms. However, some patients who use chemo drugs are diagnosed with kidney cyst. Can chemo drugs cause a kidney cyst? Is there any link between chemo drugs and kidney cysts?

Chemo drugs

Chemo drugs has been used to treat cancer for many years. In the whole treatment, different groups of drugs work in different ways to fight cancer cells and they are indeed effective in treating certain cancers. However, chemo drugs reach all parts of the body, not just the cancer cells. Because of this, these drugs may cause many side effects due to the lower immunity and damage to many other organs. Among these side effects, kidney damage is very common.

Can chemo drugs cause a kidney cyst?

A study made by eHealthMe based on 4 reports from FDA. In this study, about 7456 chemotherapy patients are studied. According to this study, 0.05% of these patients have renal cysts and most of them are male above 50 years old. From this stay, we can know some patients with chemo drugs do have renal cysts, but no exact research shows there is an inevitable link between these medicines and kidney cysts. The only thing we can know people on chemotherapy usually have lower immunity and some kidney damage that may makes people are more susceptible for kidney disorder including kidney cysts.

Is there a treatment to help these patients prevent kidney cysts?

From the above analysis, we can know strong immune system and kidney protect is important to help them avoid kidney disorder. The treatments to help these patients lower side effects of chemo drugs and improve their immune system are quite different for individuals. Some treatments indeed can help them achieve these goals. Therefore, patients are recommended to tell the doctor their specific condition so that the doctor can help them make a correct treatment. Any confusion? You can tell us.

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