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Multiple Parapelvic Cyst: Cause, Symptoms, Treatment

2013-07-15 11:07

Multiple parapelvic cysts, also named peripelvic cysts, may derive from lymphatic vessels or the renal parenchyma adjacent to the renal pelvis. The incidence of parapelvic cysts takes about 1%-3% of kidney cyst incidence. Today, you can get an overall understanding of multiple parapelvic cyst cause, symptoms and treatment.

Multiple parapelvic cyst cause

Even though the exact cause of parapelvic cyst is still unknown, most of these cysts have a close link with congenital factors. Generally, parapelvic cysts don’t occur before 50 years old. In addition, these cysts are usually simple kidney cysts.

Multiple parapelvic cyst symptoms

When patients’ parapelvic cysts are not bigger than 3cm and no one ruptures, patients usually don’t have any symptoms. However, as some cysts grow, several symptoms as follow are more likely to occur.

● Flank pain

● High blood pressure

● Urinary tract infections

● Kidney stone

● Urination changes such as foamy urine and blood urine

Multiple parapelvic cyst treatment

When patients’ kidney cysts are smaller than 3cm and have no the above symptoms, they don’t need any specific treatment except for a scientific diet, healthy lifestyle and regular follow-up, otherwise, they have to accept some treatments to remove or shrink their cysts. However, at present, no specific therapy can help remove all cysts simultaneously, because some cysts are so small that it is very dangerous and impossible to cut them by surgery. Now, there are mainly two methods to help treat parapelvic cyst: surgery and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Surgery is used to remove the biggest cysts so as to remit patients’ symptoms quickly, but this method gives more places for small cysts to grow that easily makes patients fall into a vicious circle. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy aims to shrink all kidney cysts at the same time but may need a little longer time than surgery. You can choose the most suitable treatment according to your condition.

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