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Where Does the Pressure Causing Kidney Cyst Burst Come From

2015-01-24 02:49

Where Does the Pressure Causing Kidney Cyst Burst Come FromAs you know, kidney cyst will grow with age and can rupture when it expands too large. Some other factors can also put pressure on kidney cyst and cause it to rupture. Well them , where does the pressure come from?

Causes of kidney cyst rupture

First of all, the pressure comes from the cyst itself. As the growth of it, it will occupy much space of the kidneys, thus increasing the pressure on cyst and causing rupture finally.

Secondly, some pressure from outside of the kidneys such as strong activities involving body crash. Strong activities include basket ball, foot ball and boxing, etc. In some cases, mild exercise such as Yoga and Pilates might also causing kidney cyst rupture when you do some bending movements.

The above listed are the common pressure that can lead to kidney cyst rupture. If the size of simple kidney cyst has already been very large, you should be vary cautious about the types and duration of exercise.

Prevention and treatment for kidney cyst

● Diet restrictions: Avoid spicy and greasy foods such as chili, hot pepper, mustard and alcohol. Some fresh vegetables and fruits are suggested to taken, but should be limited if the potassium and phosphorous levels in the blood are high.

● Control high blood pressure and blood sugar level

High blood pressure and diabetes are both known as the leading causes of kidney damage. Therefore, control high blood pressure and diabetes is very necessary for protecting the kidney function and prevent kidney cyst growth.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This therapy is an innovation from traditional Chinese herbs. The effective ingredients have the function of expanding blood vessels, reduce inflammation and degrade extracellular matrixes. With osmotic device, these active content can act on kidney cyst directly. It can shrink kidney cyst by improving renal function.

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