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71-year Old, a Few Kidney Cysts, Biggest Size 1.5 cm: Should I Be Worried

2015-01-26 03:08

71-year Old, a Few Kidney Cysts, Biggest Size 1.5 cm: Should I Be WorriedKidney cyst is a common phenomenon among people who are above 50 years old. For people who are 71 years old, they can be diagnosed with one or several kidney cysts. If the size of kidney cyst is 1.5 cm, should it be worried by people?

Possible symptoms of 1.5 cm kidney cyst

Generally speaking, when kidney cyst is larger than 3 cm to 5 cm, it is likely to cause symptoms. However, some people complain that they experience some problems even with small kidney cyst. Possible symptoms of 1.5 cm kidney cyst include:

● Back pain: Dull pain might be most common seen symptom among kidney cyst patients. It might also occur in the lower back, sides or abdomen.

● Hematuria: When the cyst enlarges, it may compress the nearby organs, including the kidney itself. Due to high pressure on the cyst, the blood vessels on cystic walls burst, thus causing blood to flow into urine.

● Nausea or vomiting: It happens when the cyst enlargement stimulate the stomach.

● High blood pressure: 1.5 cm kidney cyst may narrow the nearby blood vessels, reducing the blood flow. Therefore, high blood pressure occurs.

If the 1.5 cm kidney cyst gets infected or rupture, it may lead to more serious problems. To sum up, you should be worried about the the 1.5 cm kidney cyst when symptoms occur.

Treatment for 1.5 cm renal cyst

There are several types of treatments for kidney cysts.

First of all, medicines may be prescribed by the doctor to relieve some symptoms and control high blood pressure or blood sugar level.

Secondly, traditional Chinese herbs are good for shrinking kidney cyst from the root. That is, these natural herbs can improve blood circulation and repair damaged renal tissues. Having been used for almost 30 years in our hospital, these natural herbs become very popular among kidney cyst patients. Welcome your consultation!

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