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Renal Cortical Cyst 2.0*1.9 cm With Thin Internal Septation

2015-01-26 06:57

Renal Cortical Cyst 2.0*1.9 cm With Thin Internal SeptationRenal cortical cyst may be the most common type of kidney cyst. The internal septation has great significance to the prognosis of kidney cyst. 2.0*1.9 cm renal cortical cyst with thin internal septation should draw your concern.

What does renal cyst with thin internal septation mean?

Kidney cyst can be divided into five classes. That is “Bosniak Classification of Renal Cysts”, which include:

1. Class I lesions are simple, benign cysts. The characteristics of a simple cyst include a well-defined and homogeneous mass with a thin, imperceptible wall.

2. Class II lesions are minimally complicated cysts with features that cause concern. Internal septations that are smooth, thin and do not have thickened elements may be considered benign.

Class IIF lesions are more suspicious cysts. These lesions are minimally complicated cysts but may be hyperdense, may contain more calcium in the wall, or may have thicker internal septations. Follow up scanning is recommended.

3. Class III lesions are more complicated cystic structures that often show irregular and thickened septa, wall thickening, solid non-enhancing mural nodules, or irregular calcifications. This category also includes multiloculated cysts. These lesions require surgical exploration.

4. Class IV lesions show non-uniform wall thickening, have irregular margins, and/or contain solid components that enhance on CT. These lesions are clearly malignant and total nephrectomy is warranted.

Possible symptoms of 2.0*1.9 cm renal cortical cyst

Due to the enlargement of kidney cyst, you may experience pain in the lower back, side or abdomen. Sometimes, nausea, vomiting, proteinuria, hematuria, or high blood pressure may also be seen.

If the cyst gets infected or ruptures, more serious symptoms may also be seen, and treatment should be taken immediately.

Treatment for 2.0*1.9 cm renal cortical cyst

Medicines are necessary, but should be taken under your doctor’s supervision. Traditional Chinese medicine are natural and effective for shrinking kidney cyst, since they can improve kidney function. You can get free help from our doctors online.

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