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Is It Safe for a Pregnant Woman Who Has 0.7 cm Kidney Cyst

2015-02-27 07:31

Is It Safe for a Pregnant Woman Who Has 0.7 cm Kidney CystIs it safe for a pregnant women who has 0.7 cm kidney cyst? If you know what is kidney cyst, you will get the answer.

Kidney cyst

There are two types of kidney cyst: Simple and complex kidney cyst. In general, half of people may be diagnosed with one or several simple kidney cysts. Most cases, the kidney cyst is very small (less than 2cm) and cause no symptoms. If so, you needn’t to worry about it.

Complex kidney cysts is rare and always related to some kidney diseases such as Polycystic Kidney Disease and Sponge Kidney Disease. It may be cancerous.

Therefore, if the 0.7 cm kidney cyst causes no symptoms for the pregnant woman, it deserves no worry.

Home care and for pregnant woman with kidney cyst

If the kidney cyst is small and asymptomatic, patient just need to watch out his or her diet. Spicy and fatty foods are required to avoided. Sodium should be taken with limits. Yet, some trace elements like calcium, vitamin C and E should be ensured to being taken with enough amount.

In addition, a regular pregnancy test is pretty necessary.

Last but not the least, medicines usage should be under the doctor’s supervision. Some medicines may injure the kidneys as well as the fetus. To relieve some discomforts, kidney cyst patients can take some natural remedies, such as Massage, mild exercise and herbal teas.

Our natural therapies for shrinking kidney cyst

In the past, people have no choice but wait for the cyst grow very big and take surgery to drain the fluid out. Yet, now we have some medicines that can prevent symptoms and complication caused by kidney cyst enlargement. Mainly used medicines are traditional Chinese herbs. If you want to know more information, please leave a message below.

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