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Is It Dangerous to Suffer From Kidney Cyst

2015-04-12 01:40

Is It Dangerous to Suffer From Kidney CystYou may find kidney cyst in a test occasionally. But you are concerned because you have no idea what a kidney cyst is. Well then, is it dangerous to suffer from kidney cyst?

What is kidney cyst?

A kidney cyst is a fluid-filled sac. It may form in any part of the kidneys, such as the renal cortex, pelvis and parenchyma. The causes of kidney cyst is still unclear, but infection, trauma, poison food or bad environment may play a role in the occurring of kidney cyst.

Is it dangerous to suffer from kidney cyst?

There are two types of kidney cyst: simple and complex kidney cyst. In fact, about half people over 50 are likely to have one or several kidney cysts. Simple kidney cyst usually cause no symptoms, and many patients may live the whole life without finding it.

While a complex kidney cyst is more serious. This kind of kidney cyst is always found along with some kidney disease such as Polycystic Kidney Disease ans sponge kidney disease.

Patients with kidney cyst may experience some symptoms. If so, they should take immediate treatments. Then, what are the symptoms of kidney cyst?

What are the possible symptoms of kidney cyst?

● Dull and chronic back pain, side pain or flank pain

● Blood in urine

● High blood pressure

● Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) along with fever, chills or hematuria.

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How to treat kidney cyst?

According to our clinical practices, I recommend patients to take traditional Chinese herbs. They can not only shrink kidney cyst but also can protect and enhance kidney function. That’s the difference between Chinese herbs and over-the-counter medicines and surgery. If you want to know the details about our treatment, please be free to contact us.

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