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Can Lupus Cause Kidney Cysts

2013-04-25 11:33

Both lupus and kidney cysts are quite common for us, but few people can relate lupus to kidney cysts. Is there a link between lupus and kidney cyst? Can lupus cause kidney cyst? With these questions, let’s explore the answer from the following content.

Can lupus cause kidney cyst?

We know lupus is an autoimmune disorder that can invade every part of our body, because the heat-toxicity in lupus exists in the blood and then it can damage every organ via blood circulation. As a result, lupus disturbs the whole immune system easily. When the heat-toxicity builds up in the kidney, it is more likely to cause kidney damage so that more and more wastes and toxins deposit in the blood. Does this mean lupus can cause kidney cysts directly?

Of course, the answer is no. Lupus won’t cause kidney cysts directly, but it can prompt the development of fluid-filled cysts. Mainly, two factors may be due to this abnormal mass in kidney: the first one is the changes in internal environment. These changes caused by Lupus form an internal environment that can prompt the growth of kidney cysts. The other one is the high build up of toxins in the body, because they may alter cystic gene easily and fill enough fluid to kidney cysts.

From this analysis, we can know lupus may not cause kidney cysts directly, but it indeed can increase the risk of cystic occurrence and growth.

Treatment for lupus and kidney cysts

Because lupus and kidney cysts both can attribute to immune disorders, the effective treatment should be the one that can not only correct abnormal immune system but also remove toxins from the body. Based on this concept, Immunotherapy is created to help patients treat their lupus and prevent kidney cysts. However, if some cysts have developed in your kidney, some other treatments that can shrink these cysts are also needed. You can consult the kidney experts online to ask the accurate treatment in detail.

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