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Should I Be Concerned about A 5.8 cm Exophytic Right Renal Cyst

2016-01-05 09:09

Should I Be Concerned about A 5.8 cm Exophytic Right Renal Cyst“Should I be concerned about a 5.8 cm exophytic right renal cyst?” I get the question in our email box: Now, for the questions, we make a detailed analysis for your reference. Any questions, please remember to contact with our Online Doctor or leave a message below directly.

What does 5.8cm exophytic right renal cyst mean?

Exophytic means“to grow out of”and can be seen as a feature of certain renal tumors. This can present even in benign and noncancerous tumors. Actually, exophytic cysts usually do not cause any difficulty or symptoms when samll in size. However, there are some situations that can put you into the danger of more serious complications. If the kidney exophytic cortical cyst grows more than 3 cm and begins to compress the tissues, patients may experience pain in the flank, sides or back. The pain is always dull, while it can become a sudden and sharp pain when it continues enlarge. If the cyst ruptures, the fluids will flow into other organs and cause infections. Urinary tract infection is the most commonly seen infection. At this time, you may feel pain during urination and frequent urine. Sometimes, patients may also have fever and chill. As for A 5.8 cm exophytic right renal cyst, it is big enough so that patients should pay highly attention to their kidney health.

Well then, how to concern about the condition?

Diet adjustment

For people with kidney cyst, low-protein and low salt are the basic dietary requirements. In addition, avoiding chocolate, alcohol and beer is essential because they can prompt the enlargement of kidney cysts. Of course, a personalized diet plan should depend on patients’ specific condition.

Chinese Herbal Medicines

Compared to surgery, I prefer recommending Chinese herbal medicines. Because herbal medicines are more natural, safe and effective, especially for elderly patients. Dandelion leaf or root is available herb to treat kidney cyst, which can increase the rate of kidney filtering waste products to reduce the sac fluid supplement. Plantago asiatica is commonly used to treat various kidney diseases, because it can help protect kidney function and act as natural diuretic and anti-hypertensive agents. For kidney cyst, this herb is able to increase the permeability of cystic walls so as to drain sac fluid.

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