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Does Taking High Protein Increase Kidney Cysts to Grow

2016-01-19 10:49

Does Taking High Protein Increase Kidney Cysts to GrowProper diet plan plays an critical role in preventing kidney cysts growing bigger. Well then, does taking high protein increase kidney cysts to grow? If you have the similar trouble, please read on and you will find out the answer!

It is a common sense that protein is very important to our health, so enough amount of protein should be guaranteed. Besides, there are still eight kinds of protein that cannot be produced by ourselves, so in order to whole body health, it is of great importance to ingest enough protein. However, for patients with kidney cysts, especially when cyst is bigger than 3cm, there is a very restrict protein intake in their daily life. Because too much protein intake can produce much metabolic wastes, which will increase kidneys’ burden and aggravate progression of kidney cyst. Thus patients should avoid taking excess protein. Of course, in order to prevent malnutrition and reduce kidneys’ workload at the same time, patients are suggested to take high-quality protein food, such as egg white, meat, fish, milk, etc. Generally, the right amount for healthy people is 0.8g/kg, and patients with kidney cysts should regulate their daily intake based on this value.

In addition to dietary therapy, patients with 3cm renal cysts also should receive medical treatment. Compared to surgery, here I prefer recommending a natural therapy-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

This therapy is an external application used on kidney area. It can shrink kidney cyst by preventing epithelial cells generating cystic fluid and increasing the permeability of cystic wall. Thus, the fluid will go out of the body. In this way, damaged kidneys can be repaired and kidney function can also be improved. If you have interests in this new treatment, you can send an email to for details.

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