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Complex Kidney Cyst: Causes, Test,Treatment

2013-05-05 15:02

Complex kidney cysts, different from simple kidney cysts, have a higher risk to develop kidney cancer. To avoid kidney cancer, exploring complex kidney cyst causes, making an accurate diagnosis and accepting correct treatment can be helpful.

Complex kidney cyst causes

One or two isolated cysts are a common finding in normal kidneys that is made up of blood vessels. These blood vessels carry blood into kidneys tiny filters, and each of these filters is connected to a tube. A cyst occurs when a single tube expands. Even though the exact cause is still unknown, the following factors can increase the risk of complex kidney cyst.

● Congenital kidney tubular obstruction

● Infections such as parasitic infestation

● Long-term dialysis both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis

● People above the age of 50 years

● Chronic kidney failure

Complex kidney cyst test

Once you are doubted to have complex kidney cyst, more detailed test is needed to make sure whether you have it, how big the cyst is and how well your kidney is working. In view of this, you may need to do these tests: imaging test including ultrasound, CT scan and MRI, kidney function test, urinalysis, intravenous pyelography, etc. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should do all of the above tests. Consult the doctor online to ask which test you need do.

Complex kidney cyst treatment

The complex renal cyst has irregular cyst lining and may show irregular shape and internal structure. The internal walls, thin or thick, may divide it into many parts. The multiple internal walls give rise to the possibility that complex kidney cyst develops kidney cancer.

From the above analysis, we can know changing the cystic walls is the key to lower this risk. Herbal medicines, compared with western medicines, have a superiority to altering the growth of tissues. Through increasing the permeability of kidney cysts' walls and blocking the source of sac fluid supply, these complex kidney cysts can be shrunk gradually. The key of the whole treatment is to use right herbal medicines.

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