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2cm Cyst in Right Kidney and 4.8cm Cyst in Left Kidney

2013-05-25 15:47

I am 70 year old male of greek decent. I have 2 cortical renal cysts: 2cm in right kidney and 4.8cm in left kidney. I also have high blood pressure. Should I be alarmed?

In most cases, renal cortical cysts are simple that won’t cause any symptom if they are not bigger than 3cm and none of them ruptures. High blood pressure is the most common symptom of kidney cyst, and 4.8cm is bigger than 3cm. Both of them remind you that it is the time to take some management for preventing further kidney damage. A healthy diet plan, well control of symptoms and medical treatment to shrink kidney cysts are three indispensable aspects.

A healthy diet plan: The diet for people with large kidney cyst should be the one that can help shrink the kidney cyst or protect kidney function. Generally, low sodium and low protein are two basin suggestions for these patients. For more information about diet, you can click the link “ Diet to Prevent Kidney Cysts from Growing”. 

Well control of symptoms: High blood pressure is one biggest risk for people with kidney cyst, because it can not only increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease but also cause further kidney damage easily. To lower high blood pressure, low-sodium diet and anti-hypertensive agents are effective.

Treatment to shrink kidney cysts: Surgery and herbal medicines are two common remedies. Surgery has a quick and obvious effect on removing large kidney cyst but may cause some risks and the fast growth of small cysts. Herbal medicines can shrink all the cysts simultaneously without any side effect but may need relatively long time.

Both diet plan and treatment changes largely from case to case, so you should choose correct diet and medical treatment according to your condition. Only if your condition is controlled very well, you can avoid kidney damage and complications effectively.

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