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What Is Renal Cortical Cyst and Its Dangers

2013-07-15 11:09

According to different locations, kidney cysts are divided into renal cortical cyst and renal parapelvic cyst. Cortical cyst is far more common than parapelvic cyst, so many patients are concerned the dangers of the former type of kidney cyst.

Cortical cysts arise from renal cortex, which is in charge of purifying blood and removing waste products from the body. Different from complex cysts and PKD cysts, cortical cysts have the following characteristics:

- Cortical cyst is non-inherited disorder: Congenital factors, tumor, dialysis, inflammation, etc, all can cause it.

- The liquid in cortical cyst is body fluid, sometimes including some red blood cells, while the sac fluid of PKD cyst is urine.

- Cortical cysts small in side commonly don’t cause any symptoms such as blood urine, back pain, frequent urination and urinary tract infections.

- In most cases, cortical cysts are smaller than 2cm, and only in rare cases, it can grow larger than 10cm.

In addition, cortical cysts won’t cause any healthy problems unless one of them ruptures or becomes larger than 3cm. From this analysis, we can know whether cortical cyst is dangerous is decided by its size and rupture.

If your cortical cyst is quite small and intact, take it easy because you can still live with the cortical cyst healthy and normally. At this time, the only thing you need to do is to take regular examination every three or six months and develop a low-salt and low-protein diet.

The condition will be quite different when your cortical cyst is too big or ruptures. Here, more severe healthy problems will occur without specific treatment. Even though surgery or herbal remedies are always recommended for people with large or symptomatic cysts, they are not suitable for every patients. Therefore, you can describe your illness condition to the online doctor, so they can guide you to find a correct treatment.

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